The Current Status Of International Freelancing Platforms

Billions of international talents and potential clients are finding a middle ground where they can connect with each other on a daily basis to work on projects online. That would not have been possible without online freelance websites and marketplaces. 

There are multiple freelance web sites serving different segments of clients and talents. But everyone agrees that, in terms of size and options, the leading platforms for freelancers and

Clients are Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr. 

Almost 40% of the global workforce is represented by freelancers. In 2030, there is a large chance that freelancers will represent 80% of the global professional workforce. Currently, a total of 1.1 billion freelancers in the world connect with their business partners and clients on a day-to-day basis. Imagine that a large number of professionals in these freelance websites facing a series of challenges of having expensive service fees - up to 30%, payment issues in case of disputes - centralized payment system, service limitations - freelancers lack space to present all talents and offering, and lack of real-time oracle profile verification - profiles don't necessarily reflect real skills of the freelancer. These remain as the main problems of the top 3 current freelance market platforms.

“Freelancers or self-employed workers don’t necessarily work on online freelance platforms, and clients or companies don’t necessarily look for talents on those websites. Many of them are running their independent business from their own websites or agencies, and looking for clients via advertisements, email marketing, leads generation, and other techniques. This is why we need to ask the question: why would a freelancer choose a website like Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer to sell his services?” said Khaled Alkalbani, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Ideaology.

With that huge number of freelancers and clients experiencing these problems and scattered throughout different platforms all over the world, Ideaology introduced Active Idea, a revolutionary platform that opens opportunities to both freelancers, investors, and professionals looking to get their startups and careers the push to make them a success.

Active Idea removes boundaries - an all-in-one virtual market town platform that minds the current gap by enabling fully-transparent, blockchain-powered, safe, and sustainable options to unleash talent and launch business ideas along with a like-minded community.

With Active Idea, you can find a team of highly-motivated freelancers, get what your business needs from readily available tools from the marketplace, present your idea to the community to start your crowdfunding campaign, and make custom offers, register as a company, and track all partners’ productivity. All of that potential to grow with the lowest possible fees attainable through the IDEA Token.

With IDEA Token, you can take advantage of a number of benefits within the Active Idea platform. You can hold the IDEA Token in your wallet to receive discounts and voting privileges. Hold 3500 tokens and enjoy 6-month benefits with 0% fees on all services. You can also receive discounts depending on the number of IDEA tokens you have. Finally, get the option between fiat or crypto payments, or both. You can customize your own payment option. As Ideaology moves from ICO to IEO, we’ll have an IDEA token pre-sale on December 1st, 2020. IDEA token will be the fuel that drives the Active Idea platform in motion.

Our focus right now is to bring IDEA tokens to more crypto traders and digital asset enthusiasts while creating improvements in the Active Idea platform through our community’s support. This way, we can have a platform where every investor, every client, and every freelance professional can get a chance to create and shape a platform that fits their creative and financial needs.

With you, Active Idea can transform into a platform where bright ideas turn into successful startups.


Ideaology IEO roadmap

As it was previously announced, Ideaology is initiating its IEO in partnership with the P2PB2B exchange, and all interested parties are invited to take part in it. Before the IDEA coin is listed on exchanges, there will be two rounds of IEO. 


On December 1st, Ideaology will commence the first round of IEO on the P2PB2B exchange and it will last for a month with a limited amount of tokens for sale. Buyers in the first round will be getting a 22% discount on IDEA coins. 

With the start of IEO Round 1 - our BETA platform will be launched - pre-registration is available here. Early-adopters will have access to benefits, such as lower fees on transactions and job postings, along with holding benefits such as up to 50% discount on platform fees, or if you hold $100 worth of IDEA coins you get 50% discount on services and 3% withdrawal fee (6% originally), and many more explained here.

The time is now - Become a Part of the New Crypto-Based Ecosystem


The second round of the IEO will start in February. The exact date, benefits for Round 2 participants and exchange will be announced soon.  After the two rounds are concluded, IDEA coins will be listed on exchanges from the middle of March. 

Get a glimpse of how the Active Idea prototype will look like. Pre-registration for the BETA version is open. You can join today and get the privilege of becoming an early-adopter!