Freelancers represent around 40% of the workforce - a total of 1.1 billion freelancers in the world. They connect daily with clients to work on great projects. That would not have been possible without online freelance websites and marketplaces. But! Currently top marketplaces have expensive service fees - up to 30%, payment issues in case of disputes - centralized payment system, Service limitations - freelancers lack space to present all talents and offering, Lack of real time oracle profile verification - Profiles don't necessarily reflect real skills of the freelancer, remains as main problems of the top 3 current freelance market platforms.

Active IDEA removes boundaries for all of you to strive

Helping you to innovate, work and invest, with people & businesses all around the globe.

Unleash your full potential on a platform where developers meet founders and investors:

Search for and hire top talents and find your team/partner.
Find a Team
Hire top talents for a one time job or work within a healthy community with low fees.
Buy/sell already made codes, tutorials, themes, designs, templates or dapps.
Apply to present your idea to the whole community and start your crowdfunding campaign.
Ability to make custom offers in messages.
Ability to register as a company and track your employees activity.

Achieve more by operating with the lowest possible fees:

Hold IDEA coin on your Active IDEA wallet to achieve benefits on the platform, receive great discounts and be granted voting rights.
0% FEE
Hold 3500 Ideaology (IDEA) coins and receive benefits for 6 months, along with 0% fees on all services
The amount of IDEA tokens you hold grants different discounts* (eg. If you hold $100 worth of tokens you get 50% discount on services and 3% withdrawal fee (6% originally))
Discounts are available during the time you hold idea on the wallet connected
Optional payment Gateway!  Choose between fiat & crypto payments, or both. Customize your payment options.

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Get your IDEA out there!

Share your business and creative ideas with the Ideaology community by going through a process of validation by the community and Ideaology legal and industry experts. Equip your ventures with the necessary financial tools to capitalize on investments at any stage of your startup development on the Active Idea platform.


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