Over 40% of new businesses fail because their product doesn’t fil a gap or offer a solution to the marketplace. Around 30% run out of Cash. They spend their whole budget on unimportant, short-term issues and lose sight of the big picture. Lastly, 30% of startups fail due to problems with their workforce.

As a developer, though, your focus is – or should be – mainly geared towards coding. Understandably, you spend most of your time developing your project and transmitting your vision to your peers. Networking, marketing and finances are probably the least of your concerns. Motivating and tracking the performance of your troops in these areas might also not be something you’re necessarily comfortable with – even if you’re conscious of their importance.

Don’t worry, we have you covered.



IDEAOLOGY combines the three elements necessary to take a business to the next level: Blockchain technology, a Blockhain Launchpad and, last but not least, IDEAOLOGY project founding.

Because we believe in fairness, IDEAOLOGY doesn’t force developers to tokenize their ideas but, instead, tokenizes their equity shares. With project founding available worldwide, we enable those with the potential to grow, even in lesser developed areas. Through IDEAOLOGY’s unique sharing-orientated platform, developers are able to collaborate on different projects and free trade ideas, skills and procedures.

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