Partnerships taking IDEA to the next level

Partnerships taking IDEA to the next level


Summer 2020 has been a busy one for Ideaology.

With everything we have planned, and the target milestones to complete until the end of the year, we’ve put a lot of pressure on our core team.

To help us get IDEA where it needs to go next, we have made a couple of key partnerships.

As our expansion into Europe was a key milestone on the path to starting our ICO stage, and we chose Zug, Switzerland to be the home of our next HQ, we are very happy to have established a partnership with Archilex Consulting, a legal consulting company which has done a great job incorporating Ideaology into the Crypto Valley of Switzerland.

Archilex Consulting is a specialist in intellectual property (IP) management and evaluation delivering full professional IP services internationally designed to meet the needs of both established and new enterprises.

With their expertise in Blockchain regulation and legislation, as well as a great team of professionals, they were the logical choice for a partnership to build the future of our presence in Europe, but also, our legal structuring in general.

A great part of our partnership with Archilex Consulting is their ICO Legal Advisor specialty branch service, which was exactly what we were looking for, since we are working hard to get everything ready for the launch of our ICO soon.

With ICO Legal Advisor service, Archilex Consulting capitalizes the experience gained in the ICO projects and the knowledge of Swiss regulatory system for Blockchain business to help partners establish a legal and secure ICO model for their project.

ICO Legal Advisor is a member of the Swiss CryptoValley, Cryptopolis and CV Labs Zug.

To help our core dev team with their hard work on our MVP, we have made a valuable partnership with FasTrax Infotech.

FasTrax Infotech’s combined expertise in finance architecture and mobile presence integrates robust fintech solutions on all tech platforms, including mobile and wearables.

Their finance digital architecture converts complex financial processes into simple solutions, helping organizations enhance their efficiency, boost revenue, and focus on customer-centric processes using cutting-edge technologies and integrating various features.

With partnerships like these, we have no doubt Ideaology will expand globally and present the users with a great quality product that our idea deserves.