Ideaology is a Crypto Valley member

Ideaology is a Crypto Valley member

Ideaology is a Crypto Valley member

The newest Crypto Valley member

It’s official! We’ve done it. As we’ve previously announced, our incorporation into the Swiss, world-famous, Crypto Valley is complete.

We’re registered and have passed the rigorous checks and regulations necessary to establish headquarters in this prestigious Blockchain business community.

The advantage of being where all the major players and opportunities are is extremely valuable, not to mention the possibilities for partnerships with other great projects also based here in the Crypto Valley.

Switzerland is one of the biggest investors in Blockchain infrastructure in the world. Always one step ahead of financial and business change, the Swiss have made sure they head into the Crypto revolution at the leading position.

We are very excited about all the new connections and contacts we will be able to establish being at the hub of Blockchain development.

Ideaology co-founder Amar Kovačević believes this expansion will help get us to the next level:

“It will allow us to connect with the people similar to us, forward thinkers, interested in crypto and Blockchain. We will be a part of a community of top talent and investors, which will give us a lot of great opportunities to advance our project.”

Anita Erker, our Chief Marketing Officer feels this could be the move that helps us spread the word about Ideaology faster and to more people:

“We see the Crypto Valley as a vision akin to Ideaology, just in the physical world, where as, Ideaology exists in the digital. Connected tech enthusiasts, teams, visionaries, managers… all cooperating through different projects, with the same purpose — to bring Blockchain into the everyday lives of people.”

With the incorporation complete, and registration to Crypto Valley approved, we have reached yet another of our 2020 Ideaology milestones. On to the next one — ICO stage.

Crypto Valley Association - The CVA is an independent, government-supported organization located in the Swiss canton of Zug. Our mission is to build the world’s leading ecosystem for blockchain and cryptographic technologies in Switzerland. Our main focus is in developing and executing a community-driven program targeted at establishing and growing our ecosystem. This includes supporting start-ups and established businesses, making policy recommendations, initiating research projects, and hosting conferences, hackathons, and other industry events. We are also working to be a bridge between Crypto Valley and the global cryptographic technologies community – building on our already active connections to international centers of blockchain innovation in London, Singapore, Silicon Valley and New York.