on partnership with Ideaology and IDEA token listing on partnership with Ideaology and IDEA token listing


Ideaology has grand plans for 2021. The IDEA token listing coming to exchange very soon is a big step forward in becoming the fastest growing blockchain ecosystem around. 

This January is one of the most important months for the whole crypto community since it is viewed as the beginning of the 2021 bull cycle. However, it’s even more important for Ideaology, as this is the month we’ve started our collaboration with the Exchange, and the preparation for the second round of the IDEA token Initial Exchange Offering starting January 26th.

With the increasing demand for IDEA token, we believe that this listing will be crucial for its widespread adoption, as writes in its press release: With its upcoming public sale, and subsequent launch on Exchange, Ideaology’s (IDEA) token will become the cornerstone of the Active Idea ecosystem which will provide startups and innovative individuals the supporting and dynamic environment to ensure every idea gets the best possible chance of success.

The full press release can be found at the website.

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