How can I purchase IDEA? Which crypto is acceptable?

What will be the initial price of the IDEA token?

Name and type of token?

Why should I invest in IDEA?

When IDEA will be listed on the exchange?

What currency can I use to buy IDEA tokens?

How do I purchase IDEA tokens?

Is IDEA the ERC-20 token?

What is the total supply of IDEA tokens?

What will be rounds of the IEO and when do they start?

What benefits do I get as an Early Investor?

When does the IEO start?

Where is Ideaology from?

When the Ideaology prototype is expected?

What will be the incentive for investors and participants to join the platform and to participate in crowdfunding?

Does Ideaology have any partners?

How do I become involved with the project?

Can I buy other user’s assets with a freelancer user?

Why work as a freelancer on Ideaology Platform?

I haven’t received a confirmation email after a successful registration. What should I do?